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OP4S/BETA sci-fi rules now available

Brent Spivey Creations is now selling a beta copy of their OP4S sic-fi rules. From their website:
This product serves as a BETA and pre-order combined. Whatever price you buy the PDF at, you will then receive all electronic updates for FREE! Additionally_ those who participate in the BETA will receive credits in the final edition. But wait, there’s more! All who purchase the PDF before the final edition will receive 50% off the print edition. OP4S OP4S is a game that seeks to take the disconnects that currently exist between video and tabletop games and marry the disparate elements on the tabletop. The Game Engine The RTS game engine allows you to emulate real time strategies, tactics games, and even first person shooters through the use of resources, tactical + strategic objectives, and the Overdrive mechanic. The Force The Force is a list of over 25 individual unit+model types that can be further modified through the use of Command Doctrines and TECHS. These include_ Infanry Squads, Weapon Teams, Scout+Recon Vehicles, Dedicated Ground Transports, LAV, Powered Armor+EXO Suits, MECHA+Walkers, TANKs, AIR units, + Emplacements.