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Oddzial Osmy: 15mm SF New Vistula Legion arrives at Fighting 15s

Oozlum Games releases 15mm SF New Vistula Legion for Fighting 15s.

From their announcment:

Oddzial Osmy’s new 15mm Science Fiction figures have arrived at Fighting 15s and are now available to buy in the online shop.

The initial releases are:

  • SF-1501 NVL (New Vistula Legion) Troopers, 6 assorted minis from 8 poses armed with assault guns

  • SF-1502 NVL SAWs, 3 poses

  • SF-1503 NVL Heavy rifles, 2 poses, heavy hand guns

  • SF-1504 NVL LAWs, 2 poses, one-shot AT weapons

  • SF-1505 NVL ATGMs, 3 two-men AT guided missiles/SMAW teams

  • SF-1506 NVL NCOs, 4 poses (assorted)

  • SF-1507 NVL Specialists, 3 poses, officers, medics and technicians

  • SF-1508 Reporters, 3 poses, TV teams and photo reporters

  • SF-1509 Spaceworms I, 3 poses, troopers

  • SF-1510 Spaceworms II, 3 poses, heavy weapons and commanders

Each pack contains six miniatures (random assortment) and costs £2.75 inc VAT, which is slightly more than originally expected but the trade price per pack is slightly higher than first advised. As yet we have no official pictures of the Spaceworms.