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Onwards and Upwards for Torn Armor

Torn Armor gives us another look into how things are coming along with their post-Kickstarter progress.


From the update:

Hi all,

So I didn't want to let too long go by without an update, so here's where we are at with ... well ... everything:


Defiance Games have not currently given any money back (I suspect that this will be a theme here during my updates). Never-the-less, we're not letting certain character types get us down and we're looking into other funding options for the minis. No, this does not mean another Kickstarter (I'd not be so crass!) We have options and we're exploring them. Yes, we fully intend to work with Reaper, because - well - they're really freaking awesome folks. As this progresses I will keep you informed.

Everything else

We ended up having seven quotes out there and five have come in. Two out-right said "sorry, you need to print xxx,xxx to get our interest," while the other three were much closer to our needs. One of these will even ship directly to you guys and they are pretty darn fast (and have a good industry rep), so thus far we have a winner. We _do_ want to get a quote in from a local Portland company though; they apologized for the delay and we're working on getting this so we can compare the "winner thus-far" with the "locals." I have a feeling that one of these will take it.

Your feedback thus far

We're tweaking cards as per your feedback. Rule layout was - for the most part - well received so you can expect these to be sitting in your inbox here shortly. I totally heard you all on the "more complex examples!" for when it comes to line-of-sight and such (i.e. show more 'edge cases') and we'll work on that and get them included.

Talking of which ...

Unit costs

You know how bit coins use a program to ... well .. exist? Well we have a program that does nothing but crunch units fighting each other, and this program uses the results to generate gold piece values. I honestly think it's one of the most advanced methods for determining unit value and it takes the usual "formulaic" approach to a whole new level.

Well we had every unit value generated and run, and now we're tweaking and refining. As I am sure you will appreciate: unit values once they go to print are final, but they're also absolutely crucial to the game ... we can't have one unit over-powering another without the cost being commensurate with that. So we're tweaking, re-running, tweaking again ...

As a point of interest: The dragon may not be powerful enough (!), and the goblins are probably too weak. The Winged Hussar was way overpowered (as we originally had him), and the Kore unit is stout, but I think the GP value is appropriate.

Now ... can you guess which unit is the most powerful in the game so far? Remember we have 2 siege units and 4 assaults ...

~ Natalya