Only 10 Grafe’s Steel Legions left

Mantic Games is reporting that there is limited stock of their Grafe’s Steel Legions Dwarf army deals.

From their announcement:

Pre-orders for Grafe’s Steel Legion have been flying off the online shelf like gold bars in a Dwarfen shop and we’ve nearly ran out of stock of the pre-release metal Berserkers and Dwarf King’s Counsel. This means there are only enough sets left to make up 10 Army Deals.

Grafe’s Steel Legion let’s you get your hands on every Dwarf set announced to date, giving you a strong foundation for any Dwarf army regardless of the game you choose to play. Not only that but gives you a chance to start clipping, painting and gluing in preparation for the Kings of War game.

In addition to the plastic equivalent of two Dwarf Warhosts (88 plastic figures and 4 plastic warmachines), 5 veteran Ironguard and a Free Flame Belcher with crew, you also get the Dwarf Kings War Counsel (4 metal hero models) and 10 Berserkers one whole month before general release.

So, if you want to get your hands on these unbelievable sets (including the obligatory free messenger bag worth £18), then get a pre-order in – offer ends Wednesday 18th August – don’t miss it.