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Online Voting for Crystal Brush Awards Now Open

As you saw in my gallery the other day, there's a lot of fantastic models in the Crystal Brush this year (the cases filled up a lot since then). Every entry is absolutely awesome, but only one will be able to take home the grand prize. And you can have a help in deciding which model that will be.

You have to be registered for the CoolMiniOrNot forums in order to cast your vote. Full details on how to vote are up on the Crystal Brush website. So head on over there, or the CoolMiniOrNot homepage and you'll see a banner that directs you where to go. You'll get to see high-resolution pictures of all the entries there (much better than I can take with just my phone through the case), to help you in your decision-making.

It's always a very close competition. Your vote could make the difference and help someone go home with $10,000.

Go vote here now!