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Online Multiplayer for BattleLore: Command is Now Available

Fantasy Flight Games has released the online multiplayer format for BattleLore: Command. So if you want to play your buddy in Walla-Walla, but you're stuck in Addis Ababa, you can do that. You get to set your own battlefield and create your force and throw down. The update is free for those that already have BattleLore: Command.

From the update:

Command custom armies against friends and foes anywhere in the world in BattleLore: Command! A just-released free update makes cross-platform online multiplayer through itunes and Google Play.

If you haven't yet played BattleLore: Command, now’s your chance to experience epic fantasy battles and intense strategic challenges. The game’s campaign puts you in charge of the Daqan army as they fight to drive off the vicious, demon-blooded Uthuk Y’llan from their homeland. The multiplayer mode, the focus of today’s preview, offers you the chance to take on a friend or the CPU on a range of different battlefields, commanding a Daqan or Uthuk Y’llan army composed of the units you like best.

Choose Your Battlefield

When you enter the online multiplayer lobby, you can join one of the listed games or create your own. Whether you prefer to defend, destroy, or ruthlessly annihilate your opponent, whether you want to fight in thick forests or open fields, you’ll find a map suited to your style of command. At the village of the Grey Gate, you’ll have ten rounds to completely eliminate your opponent. Or, invade the settlement at the Spire of Glamis and put its buildings to the torch. At the legendary Tomb of Pelius, you can compete with the opposing army to harness powerful energies, or you can attempt to cross the Morshan River and fight your way into enemy territory. The Ruins of Lothold forces you to fight on two fronts: you must defend your stronghold at the same time as invading the enemy’s fortress on the opposite side of the battlefield.