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One week until the Crystal Brush finals at Adepticon

Crystal Brush will have their finals at Adepticon. Do you have your piece ready?

And remember, if you don't make it to Adepticon, you can get started on next year's road to the Crystal Brush at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo.

From the update:

In one week, seven short days, we will be accepting miniatures from all over the world to enter in the prestigious 2013 Crystal Brush Finals in Chicago, Illinois at the Adepticon game convention. There will be entries from all over the world being put under the limelight, and thanks to our direct connection with the esteemed Ravage Magazine US, many of the greatest pieces will not only win trophies and cash prizes… but will also find themselves published in glossy detail in its pages soon enough.

Crystal Brush and all of its sponsors are eager to see what sorts of miniatures will soon be joining the ranks of the past years’ winners. We are looking forward to showing the world the kinds of miniatures that can be called Crystal Brush Winners – especially the $10,000 Best in Show!

We hope to see you there!