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One week left for Meridian Miniatures on Kickstarter, important update posted

Meridian Miniatures is in their final week for their Steampunk Armies Kickstarter campaign. They've unlocked a lot of add-ons and freebies they want to make sure everyone knows about.

From the update:

Hi everyone, we're nearly there with 7 days remaining!

I took some time to review the project over the weekend and did some calculations so I can give you guys as much as possible. I had initially planned out the rewards to cover the best/worst outcome, what I envisaged was taking lots of small pledges with any and all goals unlocked being added on unevenly in different quantities across a random spread of backers, thus potentially costing me lots in mastering with many production moulds.

What has actually happened is lots of you have pledged the higher amounts, allowing me to put most of the stretch goals in moulds together, with many of you getting them for free so I'll be able to send them out in "sets" with only a few of you adding on random lots (so far).

So, I've unlocked all of the finished specialist sets, so that all of the higher level backers will really be getting their money's worth with 9 free figures included in your reward, even those pledging at sergeant level getting the casualties pack free with your reward.

The rest of the goals in their WIP state have had their goal level reduced too so there's every chance that even more freebies will be heading your way.

As always, those that have pledged below Colonel level can still get your hands on the unlocked goals by adding £5 per specialist set that you wish to add to your pledge

Thanks to everyone involved, go out and spread the word, let's see what we can achieve in the next 7 days!