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One Small Step Games running Holy Roman Empire Kickstarter

One Small Step Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Holy Roman Empire (which makes OSSG sort of the Hapsburgs of the deal, I guess). Players are charge of one of the countries involved in the 30yrs War. Through political maneuvering as well as battlefield might, they each are looking to come out on top of one of Europe's longest conflicts.
They're already rather close to passing their funding goal with still 28 days left on the clock.

From the campaign:

The year is 1619. Matthias, emperor of Germany, has gone to his grave. A year-old rebellion in the imperial province of Bohemia had divided the empire along religious and political lines. Bohemian rebels have elected a minor German prince, Frederick, elector Palatine, as their king. Protestant princelings rally to Frederick, elevating his status to that of a rival to Em­peror Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria, for the imperial throne. As mercenary armies are raised against Ferdinand, the Catholic King of Spain and Duke of Bavaria rally to his side. France and Sweden turn their attention to Germany in eager anticipation of the dismemberment of their great rival, the Holy Roman Empire.

Holy Roman Empire is a political and military game of the 17th Century struggle for empire that plunged Europe into one of its longest and most destructive wars. Up to six players control the major dynasties of the era, fielding armies and navies and engaging in diplomatic intrigue and bribery to decide who will exercise control over Europe.