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One Small Step Games contest to give away loads of free games

Ares Magazine and One Small Step Games is having a contest to give away free games.
Who doesn't like free games?


From the contest:

One Small Step Games announced that they are giving away loads of free games in a contest that begins Friday, March 7.

“We wanted to show our support of gaming and International Tabletop Day,” says OSS Games owner Michael Anderson, who praises Tabletop Day’s international effort to promote gaming and connect fans and publishers. “This seemed like a good way to do that.”

During the three week contest, entrants get to choose from a list of seven OSS Games when they enter. The first six are sets of Millennium Wars, a strategic-level, two-player simulation of possible current and near-future conflicts including Ukraine, Iraq, Kashmir, Air War, Korea and America. “Interestingly,” Anderson points out, “The Iraq and Ukraine sets pre-modeled scenarios that played out in Iraq and are now playing out in the Ukraine.”

Entrants can also choose the notorious Politics as Usual, a wild, multiplayer card game that lets players run the campaigns of their favorite candidates in a bid for the White House.

Winners will be chosen on March 29. One winner of a Millennium Wars title will receive the Millennium Wars: Six-Pack, all six games in one package. Up to 10 winners of a Politics as Usual game will also receive a Politics as Usual—Unusual Suspect Expansion set.

For every 50 entrants, OSS Games is giving away one game. “The more people who enter, the more games we’ll give away,” says Anderson.

Anderson also says that people can enter the contest up to four times through options like posting about the contest on social media and referring others to the contest.

Contest information, rules and online entry form are on the website of Ares Magazine, OSS Games’ latest project which launched after its successful Kickstarter in January. Ares subscribers get an additional entry into the contest, says Anderson.