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One Pound Wargames announces MechaWar Mission Generator beta release

One Pound Wargames has started the public Beta-test of their MechaWar Mission Generator.

From the announcement:

One Pound Wargames is delighted to announce its first free DLC to support its first game system.

The MechaWar Mission Generator is strongly inspired by the format of real-life military missions. Incorporating a terrain dispersal system, deployment bidding and a quick and easy way to randomly generate or choose missions that you can either keep secret or reveal to your opponent, the Mission Generator includes a quick reference table so you can always remember to focus on your objectives.

Designed for MechaWar, the Mission Generator can quickly and easily be adapted for other SF and near-future miniatures games of all scales. This first release is a beta version, but the finished version will still be free and will be out on general release by the end of November. Thoughts, feedback and suggestions are welcome and should be directed to the Precinct Omega Forums.

If you're new to MechaWar, you can buy the game at Precinct Omega. It's only £1.00. Why not give it a try?