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One Page Rules' WarStuff Released

One Page Rules (heh-heh. It Rules! It RULES! heh-heh-heh) has released WarStuff their all-inclusive miniatures skirmish game. Designed to be able to quickly make stats for any model... or just any thing you want to use as a model... that you can bring to the table, WarStuff had conventions and random get-togethers in mind. So you brought your Bushido and your friend brought their Warmachine? No problem, WarStuff would let you to play a game against each-other just fine. You bring your Infinity and your friend opens their bag to find their little sister had changed out all their figures for MLP? You can still play. Go check it out on their website and download a copy.

From the announcement:

Hi everyone,

Today we are excited to release the final ruleset in our series of system-agnostic games: WarStuff.

WarStuff is a skirmish wargame that you can play with anything you like. It was designed with pick-up games and conventions in mind, where players might have miniatures from very different collections and usually wouldn’t be able to play together, but with WarStuff they can!

The game can be played with any miniatures, and actually with even more than miniatures. You can have space nazis fight plastic dinosaurs, superman battle against space marines, or even just see your candy-bars duke it out, anything goes!

We hope you enjoy our craziest release thus far, Happy Wargaming!