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One Page Rules Updates Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy

It's not just an alternative Wild West that's getting an update. One Page Rules has also rolled out an update for Grimdark future, where they've added in Mercenaries. They've also updated Age of Fantasy by updating the Forces of Havoc with a new name (Havoc Warriors) and a bunch of new units for them.

From the announcement:

Hello everyone,

The weekend is here so I’ll keep this one quick and easy. We have a new faction our for Grimdark Future with the Mercenaries. There are guns for hire that can be added to any faction, and include units for the Human Inquisition and Elven Jesters.

On the Age of Fantasy side we don’t have a new faction per-se, but instead a modification of an existing faction with new units. The Forces of Havoc have been re-named to be the Havoc Warriors, and there is a new book where you can find rules for Havoc Warrior Disciples. These include all sorts of cool new units such as the furious Gore Reavers, savage Birdmen, pestilent Plague Kings and crazed Lust Warriors.