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One Page Rules Releases Orion's Gate

One Page Rules is mostly known for making condensed and alternate versions of other popular miniatures games in both the sci-fi and fantasy range. Well, they've got a brand new game available, and it's not a direct "our own version" of any particular system. Yes, it's a starship battle game, and you can play large scale or small scale, but it's its own thing. I'm talking about Orion's Gate.

As I mentioned above, the game's rules are designed to let you build ships for either large-scale (think Star Wars Armada) or smaller scale (think Star Wars X-Wing). The rules allow you to attack enemy ships piece by piece, so you can target certain enemy systems in an effort to knock them out. Like other One Page Rules systems, there's no particular miniatures that you must use for the game. You can basically pick whatever you want to use.

You can download the rules from their website now.