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One Page Rules Releases One Page Kill Team 3.0

As we roll along into a new month in the Year of New Editions (gee, we're halfway through it, aren't we?), we have yet another new edition of a game to tell you about. Recently, One Page Rules released their One Page 40k update. Well, it seems only right that now they'd be getting us an update to One Page Kill Team. And that's just what they've done. Version 3.0 is now available.

So, what sort of things have changed? Well, many of the core rules have changed. Activating groups has been streamlined. There's also no more "special" units (everyone's equally special!). Heroes can reroll 1s on Rout Tests. Pushing has been moved to the Advanced Rules section. And then there's just the various changes made in One Page 40k that transfer over. That's not everything that's changed, but you can read the whole rules set for yourself. It's free, after all.