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One Page Rules Releases One Page Fantasy v3.0

One Page Rules has been updating all of their rules sets. And, as each one rolls out, we're happy to let you know about them, continuing our coverage of 2016: Year of New Editions. This time around, they go from the sci-fi side of things to the fantasy side with the release of One Page Fantasy 3rd edition.

So, what sort of things can you expect in this new edition? Well, the design philosophy taken from One Page 40k continues on. So many of the core elements that you saw change there have had an equivalent change here. There's also been a focus on rebalancing the armies, so no matter which one you play, you're on an equal footing with your opponent. It's not much of a game if there's only a few figures that can get you to win the game. For the full list of what's changed, check out the One Page Rules website.