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One Page Rules Releases One Page Age of Sigmar

Love it or hate it, Age of Sigmar seems to be sticking around for a while. As such, the fellows over at One Page Rules have decided to make their own version of the game. Though, since historically the Age of Sigmar rules fit on just four pages, there's not really much they could cut down to get it to one page. But still, they've posted their version, as well as posting some updates for their other One Page rules sets.

These rules allow you to play your fantasy games using the much "looser" unit style. Not necessarily rank-and-file like their other fantasy game. They've also added in 5 new armies that are now cross-compatible with both 1-Page Age of Sigmar as well as 1-Page Fantasy.

As for other updates, they include things like updates to various units in 1-Page 40k, as well as various spelling errors across the various rules set.