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One Page Rules Releases New Edition of 1p40k

It's just a year of new editions, it would seem. Mantic's been going through version 2.0s of their games. Privateer Press just released mkIII for Warmachine and Hordes. Well, the fellows over at One Page Rules have a new edition of their flagship game, 1p40k. As always, you can go and download said rules for free. So why not check it out?

So, what sort of things can you expect in this new edition? Some highlights include:
* No more special unit limits, the only limit remaining is 1 hero per 750pts
* Players alternate in deploying units during setup
* Models may fire all weapons when using Hold and only one when using Walk
* Models that Assault always strike first, but don’t get +1A anymore
* and quite a few more...

Also, every model and army has gotten a look-over to make sure it fits in well with what the designers want for the game. In order to get everything to you in a timely manner, this does mean that some units have been left out. But don't worry. They'll be back when final testing on them has been completed.