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One Page Rules Releases 9 New Projects

One Page Rules has gone a little crazy and has 9 new projects they're working on. The first versions of their 1pApocalypse, 1pDeadzone, 1pSAGA, Double Tap, Dungeons & Glory, Modular Terrain, Orion’s Gate,
Play Tokens, and True Lead rules and game accessories have been posted on their website. From wild west to outer space, there's a rules set for you to try out.


From the announcement:

Now this is something we have been looking forward to for some time!

As some of you noticed after the release of One Page Skirmish the WIP section was looking a bit… empty. Over the course of this week we have been working on overhauling the old WIP section into our new MISC section.

In this new section you will find 9 different projects which we have worked on over this past year, and a list of projects which we are thinking about working on in the future. These are projects which we toyed around with because we thought they had some cool idea or interesting mechanic, and we thought it would be nice to share them with you.

Note that these projects are not officially supported, nor are there any plans to ever officially support them, but instead should serve as an insight into how we create our game and what sparks our interest.

The projects you will find on the new MISC page are:

1pApocalypse – Mass battles rules for 1p40k
1pDeadzone – Simplified sci-fi skirmish rules in Mantic’s Deadzone universe
1pSAGA – Interesting mechanics in the Viking Age
Double Tap – Refined weapon mechanics for modern combat
Dungeons & Glory – A simple RPG for beginners
Modular Terrain – Crates, barricades and buildings for 28mm miniatures
Orion’s Gate – Space ship battles from the mind of Austin Peasley
Play Tokens – Gaming aids for our one-page rulesets
True Lead – Wild West skirmish from the mind of Austin Peasley

So, out with the old, in with the new, enjoy!