One Page Rules Juicy Update

One Page Rules has updated their rules set over on their website, including updates and new army additions. Plus, they’ve got a new forum open as well as they’re taking submissions for further content. Added to that, they’re looking for artists for new paper terrain.



From the update:

Hello everyone, today we bring you a fairly juicy update.

Fist off we have updated our 40k and Kill Team rules. We have added a bunch of units and upgrades, and we fixed a couple exploits. We have also added 3 fan armies submitted by you guys, so that you can play with you Warpath and Inquisition miniatures.

Then we have finished up the first drafts of our Campaigns supplements, however they are still undergoing a lot of testing, so they can be found in the WIP section.

We have also decided to open a forum after getting a ton of e-mails.

Finally we have been working on some exciting new projects such as our modular papercraft terrain and a space battles game. We are always looking for talented artists and designers who want to help out, so don’t hesistate to contact us if you want to help at

Next up we are going to focus on releasing the core rules for Fantasy, but more on that when it’s ready… enjoy!