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One Page Rules Army Men Combat FREE Rules Released

One Page Rules has their latest free rules set posted up on their website. This time it's Army Men Combat. Like their other games, it's not really meant for any particular set of miniatures, so feel free to use whatever you want. (So despite having Army Men in the name, you don't have to use army men if you don't want to) Besides, the rules are free and just one page, so why not check 'em out?


From the release:

Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce the release of our newest game: Army Men Combat!

Army Men Combat is the second in a series of system-agnostic games that we have been releasing (the first being Hammer Wars), which are basically games designed to be played with any miniatures you have, regardless of manufacturer.

Today’s game is a throwback to 1st edition 1p40k and its mechanics. The game is fast and fun, and as always fits on a single page. Whilst when this idea first popped in my head i thought of it as a game played with green army men, this system works well with almost any miniatures, from ww2 to modern to sci-fi and more!

The whole team at OPR wishes you happy holidays, and we’ll be back early next year with some exciting new releases!