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One Page Rules Adds Wormhole Demons and Wood Elves

One Page Rules is constantly looking to add more armies to their games. This update, there's a pair of new ones for you fantasy players out there. They've got Wormhole Demons, which are broken up into four distinct groups that you can mix-and-match as you please. They've also got Wood Elves, a pretty traditional type of force you'd come to expect in a fantasy miniatures game.
There's also a bunch of minor tweaks to their various rules sets to check out.

From the announcement:

Hello people,

It’s been a while since we posted something so we’re excited about this new release and the new armies people will be able to play with. With this update we are releasing two new armies:

Wormhole Daemons are servants of the havoc gods that come in many forms, none of them very nice to meet on the battlefield. This army offers a lot of variety with four distinct playstyles that can be easily combined.

Wood Elves are those elves that have been living in the great forest since the beginning of their race. They are loyal to the woods and all of their creatures, and bring them to battle in order to protect their territory.