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One Page Rules Adds Battle Brother Detachments And Ogres

I know some of you out there love the One Page Rules rules sets. They're constantly being worked on and updated to make sure they're as good as they can be. They're also being expanded, bringing in more armies. This latest update gives you Battle Brother Detachments as well as Ogres. Plus, with the update, Double Tap is getting an update.

From the announcement:

Sorry for the late update but I’ve been extremely busy these days, and actually I am really busy right now too so let’s get straight to the update! :D

Double Tap

I’ve been looking at people’s feedback and decided that the game needs to have a lot more detailed explanations. In order to fit them in I’ve decided to split up the rules and give the unit building section its own page. With this new added space I’ll be looking into adding advanced rules to the game sometime in the future, but for now here’s what’s been updated:

The mission has changed, now it’s objective based.
When failing a morale test in melee units are stunned now.
Clarified that actions and reactions are simultaneous.
Clarified that units in melee can only react to units in base contact.
Modified unit creation a little.
For GF and AoS we’ve got 2 new armies:

Battle Brother Detachments are sub-factions of Battle Brothers and can be used to change up their combat style with new units and special rules.

Ogres are large and monstrous humanoids that have been pillaging Tyria since forever. Their armies are small but extremely durable.