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One Page 40k 2nd Edition is out

One Page Rules has released their 2nd edition set for 40k over on their website.


From them to you:

So, it’s been a while…

1p40k started as a small project on /tg/ on a lazy weekend sometime back in April 2014, and it has come really far for what it is. Over the past 6 months we have gathered a team of 10 talented artists and designers to provide you with the best free rules we can. This work has changed the lives of all of us, and with 16.000+ downloads since its launch i am sure it has changed the life of some of you out there too.

When we started working on 2nd edition we had two clear goals in mind: make the rules even more understandable, and provide a better gateway between 1p40k and the GW rules. This means we had to make many changes to the system, but it has remained the same game at its core. All rules, special rules, armies, fan armies, advanced rules and the campaign system have been re-worked, bringing a new experience to the tabletop.

In the process some of the core systems have changed enough that some of you might miss part of the old mechanics. Fear not my friends, in the coming weeks we will post a new game that takes the original mechanics from 1p40k and delivers them in a clean and simple fashion, with an emphasis on usability with any miniature line.