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One Month To CMON Expo

Hey Everybody! ("Hey Louie!!!") It's time once more for the weekly update about the awesome stuff coming to the CMON Expo. You'd think there'd be little left to talk about before the show hits, since we're only a month away. Oh ye of little faith. Such is not the case at all. There's another trio of things to look at this week, in the form of a new guest bio, a pair of new hobby classes, and a new gaming event.


The first thing to talk about is Joe Orteza's bio. Now, I doubt even he remembers it, but I've played 2 games of Warhammer 40k against Mr. Orteza. This was back... heck... easily more than a decade ago at The Fantasy Shop, St. Charles. He had a Legion of the Damned army and I had my Orks. I felt a little ashamed, as my army was the "grey and metallic brigade" and his force was beautifully, and I mean drop-dead stunningly modeled and painted up. All I remember is that I lost, thoroughly and completely. But the entire time, Joe was the most kind and gracious opponents I've ever played against. I don't think I'd ever had such a good time losing. So him being at the show will be pretty awesome.
... Obviously, that's not in his bio over on the Expo site. But still, I just wanted to say that.

Golden Throne

Up next are a pair of hobby classes being taught by Brandon Palmer. In one, he'll teach you about making terrain that looks awesome for your gaming table. He's going all the way down to the basics with this one, so even if you've never made a terrain piece before, you'll be welcome at this class. The other will be an in-depth look at how he created one of his world-famous army boards, as he lets you know how he came up with and built his Golden Throne piece (shown above). It's a real jaw-dropper, and you'll see just how he put it together.

Dead Isn't Dead-2

Last, but not least, we have the WitchBorn: Enter Perdition event to talk about. The Witchborn is among those games that have started integrating more electronic applications to their games (so like XCOM and Golem Arcana and so forth). The WitchBorn takes you on epic fantasy adventures that are enhanced with the game's app. Go on treks for gold and glory and let the app help you out between sessions, creating an overall narrative for your war clan's exploits. The Enter Perdition event is a chance for people to try out the game and get a taste of what's in store.

That's what's in the update for this week. Stay tuned for next week's update where there'll be more to talk about for CMON Expo 2015.