One Monk Miniatures launches online shopping

One Monk Miniatures have opened a new online store with all of their 30mm paper miniatures now available for sale.


From their announcement:

One Monk Miniatures has now launched it’s online store with all the current figure and model ranges available to purchase now. One Monk Miniatures is one of the leaders in the print and play miniatures market with bold colorful designs that look like painted miniatures. These are a low cost alternatives for expensive metal and plastic figures, or if you need a figure fast simply buy online, download the PDF, print your miniatures and get back to gaming. All One Monk Miniatures are designed in 30mm scale, and can be reduced for other scales as well.

To celebrate the launch of the new store, I am offering the readers of this news site a 50% discount code. Add any number of items to the store cart, then enter the discount code: Onemonkminiatures, and 50% will be taken off your total. Checkout is handled with PayPal, and file delivery handled by e-junkie. No information is collected or shared. The discount code is valid through Feb 7, 2010.

Right now there are four main ranges to choose from, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Armies, Sci-fi Adventure and Sci-fi Armies. Each range has several categories of figures and models to choose from. The store is still a little bare, as I wanted to give myself plenty of space to grow. New figure sets are released on a semi-regular basis, and announced in the news sites like the one your reading. The website is still new, and there are lots of areas to be filled up, so please be patient as I get time to add new and fresh content for the print and play adventure game hobby.

I want to thank all of those who have purchased figure sets from me in the past, and am excited about getting even more figures designed and released.