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On The Lamb's April 1st release schedule

On the Lamb Games have posted a list of upcoming releases some of which are real and some are not. From their announcement:
A look into the Next 12 Months for On The Lamb Games. Some of these are fake, some of these are real.
  • Warbands for all Brushfire =Historia Rodentia= factions will be released by X-mas 2011
  • Nordic Taskforce VikingerNew ‘Quest’ style board game: Nordic Taskforce Vikinger. Brightly colored warriors fight evil foam rubber monsters in this exciting miniatures board game.
  • Eight New Factions for Brushfire, including a world spanning Insectoid faction.
  • Legendary Realms Fantasy Skirmish. A miniatures wargame version of our popular role playing game.
  • Terapin ShinobiTerrapin Shinobi. A new Ribenguo troop
  • Steampunk Wizard of Oz miniatures
  • Brushfire 55M - In the happy brightness of the year 55 Million there isn’t much conflict as The Imperium of Mouse spreads out across the universe to discover Roving hordes of Badjas, The ancient, dying Kitsune civilization, and things that are robots but also undead...or something.
  • A Brushfire branded army case
  • Also Fishmen
  • Official Counters and Templates for Brushfire.