On the Lamb talks Modelling assignments

On the Lamb Games has 3 days left in their Miasma War Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made their goal, so it’s looking for stretch goals for the last couple days.
In this update, they’ve posted who will have primary modelling duties for which models.

Patrick Keith


From the update:

We’ve talked with our sculptors and put in the assignments for the base goal miniatures:

Patrick Keith will be sculpting the Lunarian, the Barghest, Chain (Heroine of Time), the Rune Fencer, the Rhapsodist, the Berserker, and Rin Azel.

Sean Bullough will be sculpting the Mandragora, the Kappa, the Gargoyle Demonite, Zebolg, the Deep Troll, and the Fire Troll.

We should be able to start showing off the actual sculpts in July, and we will wait to do the Pledge Manager until the sculpts are done.