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On the Lamb Games wants you to meet more monsters from Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games is like clockwork and has another update for us about Endless Fantasy Tactics. This one's another look at some of the monsters that inhabit the land.

In the early centuries of the Arganean Empire, before they conquered Wugin and enslaved humanity, the Elves had the Goblins as their servants. These lanky creatures, a head or two shorter than humans, were quick learners but unable to comprehend the more advanced magiscience of the Arganeans, and completely devoid of magical prowess.

Using aetheric crystals, the artificial power sources for all Magitechnology, the Arganeans experimented upon Goblins, seeking away to give them magic, and in turn, augment their own. These experiments never resulted in any benefits in the Age of Arganea, but instead mutated the Goblins. They became unable to breathe normal air, requiring ground up aetheric crystals, to live. The Goblins were forced to wear gas masks, that allowed them to infuse aether into their air supply. This kept the massive Goblin population from rebelling or attempting to escape, as only the Arganeans could create more of the aetheric crystals.

When the Empire collapsed, the Goblins fought fiercely for their overlords, fearing the day when the loss of their needed drug. Despite their efforts, the Arganeans were killed or fled into the shadows of history, leaving the Goblins alone in their abandoned cities. Clans of Goblins fought each other for the supplies of crystals, wiser tribes attempting to extend their supply through limited use. Where once the Goblin population counted in the billions, merely a few million exist today. Scavengers explore the Arganean ruins searching for sources of crystal, or attack Low Elf villages, hoping to find caches of Magitechnoloy. From time to time a group of goblins going through extreme withdrawals will join together in roaming hordes, devastating anything in their path in one last desperate search before they burn out and die.