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On the Lamb Games taking pre-orders for Endless: Fantasy Tactics - Beginner Box

At the CMON Expo, there was a lot of stuff going on, and not just for CMON, itself. Several vendors were there showing off new projects they had in the works. One of them was On the Lamb Games. I talked with Em and Matt and they showed me a prototype of their new 2-player starter boxes for Endless: Fantasy Tactics. Those kits are now available to pre-order from the On the Lamb website.

The new kit comes with:

* 4 Miniatures - Knight , Squire , Dark Priest , Gel Warrior
* 1 Geomancer Board
* 1 Digest Rulebook
* Item Pack

Except for some dice, it's everything you need to get you playing right away (after you assemble the board and minis, that is).

Shipping will begin on August 31st.