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On the Lamb Games previews the Sorcerer for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games has another preview up for Endless Fantasy Tactics. This one's the Sorcerer. He's using a magic bulb of garlic and that's just awesome.

From the preview:

In his autumn years, the Sorcerer has abandoned the halls of the Magickal Akademy and sequestered himself in lone study far from his peers. Some Sorcerers live on the outskirts of small villages, acting as magical guardians for meager room and board. Even with his increasing feebleness, the Sorcerer can conjure powerful spells beyond the ken of younger wizards.

The Sorcerer is able to change his elemental attunement at will, keeping himself from magical attacks and elemental monsters. His spell selection includes a wide variety of multi-target spells, letting the sorcerer combat groups of foes. Paired with his large pool of mana, the Sorcerer can cast spells for the entirety of a small battle, or use a mana potion to keep going through a longer fight.