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On the Lamb Games previews The Knight for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games gives us another look at an upcoming piece for Endless Fantasy Tactics with The Knight.

From the preview:

With armor forged in the forges of Mt. Kileen, the Knights of Zeutenheim are famous the world over. Too heavy and hulking to ride a steed, the Knight wades through enemies, barely feeling their blows. Knights of Halleford once fought alongside the Knights of Zeutenheim, but fell during the early days of the Miasma War, turning into crystalline monsters. The Zeutenheim Knights now stand alone at the frontline, defending the world from the magical plague.

The Knight’s defensive skills keep him in the fray far longer than his less armored allies, but in a pinch the Knight can become a decent damage dealer. A variety of stat damaging attacks also lets the Knight take down tougher enemies.