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On the Lamb Games previews the Cleric for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games continues with their previews for Endless Fantasy Tactics with the Cleric.
Also, their Kickstarter campaign is over 60% funded in just 3 days. Go check it out as well.

From the preview:

The Churches and Temples of the 6 Gods are spread across all of Terra, and within them, the Clerics lead worship and use the magical energies given to them by their deity to heal and bless. The Cleric is most commonly a follower of Numina. She learns holy magic and often journeys the countryside sharing the good word. Not uncommon are priests of Undinite, the Goddess of Water, who also holds healing power and helps crops to grow.

Clerics are focused on support, strengthening allies with boons or healing damage they have received. In moments of divine fury a Cleric can crush the wicked, but this can severely drain their MP. The ultimate skill of the Cleric is to resurrect the dead, but this leaves a Cleric without any further support to give.