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On the Lamb Games previews the Archer for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games has another preview up for Endless Fantasy Tactics. Here's the Archer.

From the preview:

The rolling hills and open plains of Halleford create a vital need for scouts and long-range messengers. In times of peace, the Archer fills these rolls, but with the miasma hordes at the walls of Plainskeep Castle, she rains death upon her enemies. Her eyesight and skill with a bow has led many of her companions to wonder if she has elven blood, but none would say such things aloud.

With a basic attack range longer than any melee combatants, The Archer provides perfect support to frontline fighters. Low cost status effect attacks lets the Archer provide more than just damage dealing. The Archer also has a number of defensive abilities to help her escape if she gets too close to her opponents.