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On the Lamb Games previews Squire and Quick Start Rules for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games continues their Endless Fantasy Tactics previews with the Squire!

They've also posted up the Quick Start Rules, which can be found over on Wargame Vault.

From the updates:

The youth of Zeutenheim will do anything to escape their bleak surroundings. Tired of her Ashen homestead, the Squire seeks to enter the knighthood and a chance to see the kingdom and the lands beyond. Though mostly untrained soldiers, Squires know their way around a sword and provide quantity, if not quality to reinforce the bulk of Zeutenheim’s armies.

Equipped with little more than a sword, Squires make up for their lack of equipment with spirit and bravery. Squires are perfect support for a better adventurer, knowing what they need and when. They also learn quickly from their betters, easily mimicking their combat styles.

These quick start rules will help you understand where we’re going with Endless, its playstyle, and the kind of customization you get to build your party. We’ve included the Sorcerer and Knight cards, along with little proxy icons you can cut out and use to give the game a try. Let us know what you think!

In the full rulebook, we will have over 50 different monsters, classes, and unique characters to pick from. A fully developed setting including: a selection of scenarios to play, battle map designs for cities and locations from the world of Endless, with an in depth look at the history, heroes, and world. The game also includes advanced rules covering elemental attunements, tactical facing and height advantage, and an item/equipment system to further customize your party. So what you’re seeing here is just a small part of the full game and its mechanics.

We hope this look at the game piques your interest!