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On the Lamb Games previews of the Endless Fantasy Tactics world part II.

On the Lamb Games showed us the day side of their Endless Fantasy Tactics world. Here's the night side, all dark and creepy and spooky, as befitting this month.

From the preview:

Iksor, The Sunless Lands
On the far side of Terra, the islands of Iksor are wreathed in permanent darkness. Only the reflection of Terra’s two remaining moons provides any light to its denizens. Four major islands make up the Sunless Lands. Dafram is a land of spires and caves hidden in their heights. Here the eldest dragons hide and plot, seeking the downfall of their brethren. The Free Hold of Narjal is home to the Beastmen who refused the rule of the Dark Lord. The humans of Ineb-Iksor live in a small sheltered valley to protect themselves from the rampaging behemoths that stampede across most of the region. The largest island is known simply as the Dark Lord’s Domain, across it spans a massive city housing beastmen, orcs, trolls and demonites under the rule of the greatest evil the world has known.