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On the Lamb Games previews Monsters for Endless Fantasy Tactics

It's 2pm (Eastern), so that means it's time for another On the Lamb Games preview for Endless Fantasy Tactics (I love consistency!). Today they're showing us something about the monsters that will roam the land (and game boards).

After the six gods created Terra, they set about creating a creature to live upon it. With conflicting ideas and ideals, the gods each gave their input, creating the Beastmen, a hodge-podge of parts and motivations.
Disappointed with their creation, the gods ignored the beastmen and moved on to other ideas. The beastmen, lost in a new world looked for a reason to live, a goal to set themselves. As other creatures were created and conflicts arose between good and evil, as the first creations, the Beastmen saw their place in the world as one of guidance. They trained and tested heroes for the adventures and quests they would go upon. Dungeoneering became the supreme art of the Beastmen. Temples, Lairs, and Dungeons were built in scores to test different skills and reward those that could complete them.
When the Dark Lord rose in Iksor, many beastmen saw him as the ultimate threat to the world, and their time as coaches and testers of heroes was coming to an end. In droves they travelled to his base and joined his army, swelling his forces in the thousands. Others felt that deviating from dungeoneering was a foolish idea. Despite this, when the Dark Lord was defeated, all beastmen were exiled from Wugin, leaving their testing sites to fall into disrepair.