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On the Lamb Games previews Dragoon for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games has another preview of Endless Fantasy Tactics up. This one's for the Dragoon.

From the preview:

While the dragons battle amongst themselves in a secret, global war, the Dragoon is trained by the ancient order, known as Wyvern. She prepares for the day when the draconic civil war is over, and the remaining, cunning monsters turn their eyes upon the lesser races. Until that day comes, the Dragoons test themselves in battle against all manner of foes, ready for the day they will be called upon to save the world.

The Dragoon is a hybrid of magic and physical combat. Their slower movement necessitates that they take one of the movement enhancing commands, or trudge across the battlefield, taking hits as they get into close combat. Their attacks provide medium range and often an area of effect, letting Dragoons take on multiple foes at once.