On the Lamb Games previews Dark Dragon art for Endless Fantasy Tactics

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 16th, 2013

On the Lamb Games’ lead artist, Heath “BA” Foley, posted up this preview of the Dark Dragon for Endless Fantasy Tactics.

From the preview:

I’m excited that I’ve finally had the chance to color one of my favorite pieces, the Dark Dragon for On The Lambs “Endless: Fantasy Tactics”! This is one of my favorite designs, so I took some a little more time than usual coloring it.

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  • While the linework and colouring is top notch, the design is more akin to a comicbook villain than the title of Dark Dragon suggests. I am not familiar with the background of the character, so the design may well be exactly spot on:

    Scale wise I would imagine this particular build with the very anthropomorphic anatomy to be the size of a tall human. I suppose there is no rule as to what dragons look like, but I would rather reference bigger creatures like dinosaurs for a plausible bone structure and muscles etc. A doubling in height (in a human) eqauls 8 times the mass, thus the bone structure and muscles would have to be substantialy different to accomodate the massive weight that comes with “dragon size”…

    If this is supposed to be a gargoyle type creature roughly the size of man – I quite like it.

  • ferk

    I’ve impressed with your knowledge of dragons, basement dweller.