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On the Lamb Games previews Adept for Endless Fantasy

On the Lamb Games gives us a look at the Adept for Endless Fantasy. Their Kickstarter will be starting up soon.

From the preview:

As a wizard-in-training, the Adept spends most of his time at the Magickal Akademy on the flying continent of Nacre. With the encroaching miasma turning those below into crystalline monsters, the magically inclined have mostly cloistered themselves within the safe confines of the school. The younger, rasher, Adepts ignore the wisdom of the elder mages and step out into the world ready to put their burgeoning skills to use.

At the entry level, Adepts are trained in a variety of magicks, able to cast minor healing spells as well as combat spells. Unlike their specialized seniors, Adepts are more versatile even if they pose less of a threat.