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On The Lamb Games Pre-Order Available for Historia Rodentia Legend Sourcebook

On The Lamb Games announces Historia Rodentia, the Brushfire Roleplaying Sourcebook for Mongoose Publishing's Legend RPG is now up for Preorder:

From their announcement:

US – $19.99 –
UK – £9.99 –

Historia Rodentia is a supplement for the Legend roleplaying system. It provides background and mechanics for playing in the Brushfire universe, a setting where animals live and war like humans of the 19th Century. Unlike standard roleplaying settings that focus on a small band destroying monsters and exploring dungeons, Historia Rodentia sets adventurers on the world stage, navigating political intrigue and fighting wars with thousands of lives at stake. The flavor of the world mixes equal parts real history with animal adventure stories like the Redwall series, The Secret of NIMH, or An American Tail. The setting is appropriate for adventurers of all ages, but an enjoyment of history and parody is a great asset.

The first Legend Supplement covers the area of Eutheria, a continent much like that of Europe, and features 21 playable species.

Changes from Legend
Very little of the core mechanics have been changed from Legend to Historia Rodentia, but a number of new features are included in this book:
- The different species that an adventurer can be, requiring falling within a certain size bracket to ‘take’ that species during character creation.
- Magic is unknown in Historia Rodentia except to frauds and charlatans. To replace magic, Tactical Abilities, Politics, and Exemplarism are detailed in this book.
- Organizations expand upon cults and guilds, covering major political, military, religious and scientific institutions in the Brushfire universe.
- A focus on firearms is also a change from Legend as weapons technology from the 19th century is very different from the exotic black powder weapons of the medieval age.
- Four new advanced skills have also been added, two each paired to Politics and Exemplarism. These skills play off the military and political scope of Historia Rodentia helping adventurers command soldiers and call in favors from their allies.