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On the Lamb Games posts Upcoming Endless: Fantasy Tactics Releases

On the Lamb Games once more graces our 2pm spot with an update about Endless: Fantasy Tactics. They've posted up their releases they'll have for the game for the next two months. Having completed their Kickstarter campaign shipping, the minis from that are now coming available to put on your tabletop. There's quite a lot of them.


From the announcement:

We are happy to announce that the Miasma War Kickstarter funded miniatures are now available for preorder. We will be finalizing shipping of the Kickstarter in the next few weeks, and hope to have a handful of these upcoming releases with us at Adepticon next month.

March Releases

Rune Fencer (Class)
Berserker (Class)
Lunarian (Monster)
Mandragora (Monster)
Zebolg (Character)
Rin Azel (Character)
Chain, Heroine of Time (Character)
Frayce Deepwell (Character)
Gel Waylayer (Monster)
Gel Wastrel (Monster)
Gel Worshiper (Monster)
Gel Wyvern (Monster)
Gel Wilding (Monster)
Gel Warbler (Monster)

April Releases

Barghest (Monster)
Fire Troll (Monster)
Kappa (Monster)
Rhapsodist (Class)
Gargoyle Demonite (Monster)
Deep Troll (Monster)
Battsu / Knight (Character/Class)