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On the Lamb Games launches Warden program

On the Lamb Games wants you (Yes, you!) to be part of their new Warden program.

From the recruitment pamphlet:

The Wardens are the official On the Lamb Games volunteers and event organizers. Wardens volunteer their time and effort at their local stores and conventions, promoting and supporting On the Lamb Games products.
If you’re interested in having some fun, socializing with your fellow gamers, then it might be time to take up the mantle and become a Warden.
Are You Ready to Join Our Ranks?

1) An understanding of Brushfire and/or Endless: Fantasy Tactics, and the ability to teach others to play this games.
2) Three digital photos: One of yourself, and either two Brushfire Warbands or two 6 Crystal Parties for Endless Fantasy: Tactics; all models should be painted.
3) Join to participate in the official On the Lamb Games forums.