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On the Lamb Games introduces us to the Dark Priest and updates Kickstarter

On the Lamb Games gives us a look at the Dark Priest for Endless Fantasy Tactics and also posted up and update to their Kickstarter campaign, letting us know what they've got in store.

From the Kickstarter update:

At this point we're only $1129 from the initial goal, which isn't much; Only about 4 Clerics, 6 Dragoons, or 12 Thieves. I'm putting on the finishing touches to a 'Quick-Kickstarter' Rules packet that we will release at $15k in a Backers Only update, this will include two more units, two item cards, and the expanded rules from the proper book. With your help we should get to $15k pretty soon, so spread the word to your friends, forums, and favorite news sites. Remember you can grab avatars in the first update.