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On the Lamb Games introduces the Thief: adds dice and play boards to Kickstarter campaign

On the Lamb Games introduces us to another character from Endless Fantasy Tactics. Say hello to the Thief (but be sure to watch your wallet).
They've also added Dice and new play boards to their Endless Fantasy Tactics Kickstarter.

From the meet 'n' greet:

In the large cities of Yorak, with a decadent upper class, many underprivileged citizens resort to thievery and other criminal activities to survive. The Thief most often targets the rich and affluent. Though the Thief seeks to steal their valuables, the dead make very bad witnesses and he is as likely to stick a knife in their back when all is said and done.

An indirect combat fighter, the Thief tries to stay in their target’s rear arc, getting backstab bonuses, and avoiding being the target of any attacks. With their high movement value they can easily move about harassing enemies or continually get the flanking bonus, circling rapidly around their opponent.