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On the Lamb Games introduces the Crusader for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games continues the reception line of characters from Endless Fantasy Tactics with the Crusader.

From the preview:

From an order formed during the hopeless days of the Dark Lord’s First Invasion, the Crusader has sworn to protect all of humanity. The Crusader is a warrior trained in holy combat, and she is prepared to fight evil across the world. Though based in the isolationist country of Yorak, individual Crusaders of Numina take their skills where they are needed. As an army of only a few thousand, with limited support and recruitment, they are unable to field a proper army against the Miasma’s monsters, as they once did against the Dark Lord. Instead, the Crusader acts as a keystone, a heroic example on the battlefield.

The Crusader is a hybrid of a Knight and a Cleric, effective in combat and holy spells. This split focus does make the Crusader imperfect at either task, but a variety of passives, and the ability to take a free, unique Equip Item, helps the Crusader increase it’s effectiveness in either field.