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On the Lamb Games introduces the Chemist for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games continues their meet-n-greet sessions with the Chemist (or pharmacist for those in the US).

What you find out while eating cheese and crackers:

Many nations set up schools for the intellectuals who are not magically inclined. The erudite Chemist often goes on to set up a store or workshop, experimenting with magical and mundane ingredients to create new items. Once she has created something new, the Chemist needs to test it, and a hapless group of adventurers make excellent subjects. With several satchels full of vials and raw ingredients, the Chemist always comes prepared.

With a high ITM limit, the Chemist can bring a wider variety of items to support her companions. Most commands augment the Chemist’s items, allowing them to be used multiple times, increasing their range of use, or providing extra healing. The chemist can also provide limited combat support, throwing explosive AoEs that apply status effects.