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On the Lamb Games introduces the Berserker for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games' love for you is like a truck, so they're showing off the Berserker.

Their love for you is ticking clock!

Few tribes remain on the ice fields of Ineb-Iksor. Most civilized humans were either wiped out by the dragons and other monsters or fled to the hidden city in the mountains. Those that remain are strong, bestial creatures, trained in heavy weapon combat. They test themselves daily against the weather, the Dark Lord’s armies, and the Behemoths that stampede across the wilderness. The greatest clashes on Ineb-Iksor, however, are between tribes of Berserkers. As some have allied with the Dark Lord, they come into conflict with their Ice Lord-worshiping relatives, and their frothing battle cries can be heard for miles, as they tear into each other.