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On the Lamb Games introduces Rune Fencer for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games introduces another of the denizens of the Endless Fantasy Tactics world with the Rune Fencer.

From the update:

Gifted with sentient weapons made by the dwarves, Rune Fencers were the perfect warriors to defeat the Arganean wizards. Leading the human resistance to victory, the Rune Fencers were hailed as heroes. During the Mage War, With their anti-magic capabilities, the Rune Fencer hunted mages as a hired assassin. In modern times, the Rune Fencer’s weapon is a treasured artifact and companion that is carried with him at all times, and many nobles hire them as bodyguards.

With their runeblades, Rune Fencers are able to absorb MP and keep using magical commands as others try to take them down. With a variety of defensive commands to compliment their ATK+MAG abilities, the Rune Fencer only runs into trouble against enemies that do not use MP or MAG.