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On the Lamb Games introduces Lyra Cosine and updates Endless Fantasy Tactics dice appearance

On the Lamb Games has updated their Endless Fantasy Tactics dice over on Kickstarter to look more distinct. They're also introducing Lyra Cosine to the Endless family.

From the update:

Impatient with the structured process of the Magickal Akademy, Journeywizard Lyra Cosine dropped out of the school in a manner that been described by the faculty as “abjectly unprofessional”. Since leaving the school, Lyra has taken to self-teaching, most often by practicing spells on highwaymen and bandit dens. This behavior has earned her the gratitude of many outlying villages throughout Wugin, but the ire of others.

Accepting large payments for the defense of small villages, Lyra has sometimes done more damage than the bandits during her ‘protection’ of a village. With her fees pre-paid by the community, Lyra skips town before the smoke has even settled.

Lyra will be added to all Thief, Dragoon, and Cleric level pledges when we hit $60k.